Centro de Estudios y Desarrollo Asia Pacifico, CEDAP


 General Purpose CEDAP

  Develop in the Bío Bío Region skills and services needed to capitalize on the opportunities that the economies of Asia for the progress of the region and country.


Specific Objectives:

  • Conduct applied research, training programs and consulting services to meet the needs of different interest groups: academics, business and governmental related to Asia.

  • To promote the learning of languages, cultural exchange and services between the Bío Bío Region and countries of Asia.

  • Promote the generation of business networks, attract investments and trade between the economies of Asia and the Southern Cone of America, through the Bío Bío Region.


Strategic Lines of Development:

    CEDAP is an entity formed by academics from the university, which aims to contribute, from a global perspective, the integration of the Bío Bío Region of Chile in South Asia, on the basis of development of different services, the spread of languages and cultures and comprehensive support to business with a focus region - Asia.


Strategic Areas CEDAP Has Developed:

    • Studies and Development: This area is intended to meet the needs of education, research and services for different interest groups, so they can service from the current and potential capabilities of the university and external strategic partners who attend with their abilities to the centre. From a medium-term perspective also seeks to develop tools that allow the generation and growth in international trade, business and investment with the region of Asia, to contribute in this way, to solve economic and social problems facing region.

    • Department of Languages and Culture: The objective of this area is to promote cultural exchange through language teaching, cultural diffusion and related services in such a way to generate a realistic approach based on communication and intercultural understanding.

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